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We’ve built our firm just for you.


We believe without fail that the difference between your success or failure is directly correlated to the quality of advice you do, or do not, receive. Investment management advice is not a commodity. One size does not fit all and one advisor is not the same as another.

Our wealth management process is entirely client driven and comprehensive. All of our recommendations are based on our clients’ personal circumstances coupled with independent research, analysis and objectivity. For us, the most important benchmark of our success is your success.

At Market Street Wealth Management, our business is you.

service2Our firm’s roots date back to the mid 80’s, and we were formally founded in 1992. In its early days, MSWM was simply a financial services firm. Realizing the need for a more “well-rounded” and comprehensive approach, the founders of MSWM began assembling the different pieces of the puzzle to re-design the firm. The goal…make the financial lives of their clients simpler. That “simpler” financial life, as Market Street Wealth Management sees it, is one where most, if not all, of one’s financial needs can be met in one place. From financial investments to tax preparation and planning; from financial estate planning to home, auto, and Medicare insurance…it’s all here.

Our advisors are focused on providing professional service and are encouraged to pursue the industry’s most advanced financial planning and tax certification designations. MSWM prides itself on putting our client’s interests first. We value the relationships we build with our clients, and we know the value of being available to them on a regular basis.

We have built our entire firm around the needs of our clients.

MSWM’s core principle of integrity provides the foundation these valued relationships are built upon. Our goal is to deliver the knowledge that will help you work toward achieving financial independence, with the goal of helping your retirement assets last.

Market Street Wealth Management has never veered far from its roots – financial advisory services. As the practice expanded, the partners of the firm began to realize the need to add more services and team members to enhance the client experience. Shortly after being founded, MSWM added an important piece of the puzzle for its clients – tax preparation. By integrating tax preparation and planning into the financial planning puzzle, it added an added dimension of value for MSWM clients. Taxes are an important part of the financial planning picture.

The insurance division was the next piece of the puzzle to fall in place. The advisors of MSWM routinely found themselves being asked questions like:

  • “What are my options with Medicare supplement insurance?”
  • “Am I paying too much for my home/auto insurance?”
  • “Do I need an umbrella policy?”

MSWM clients can feel confident that these types of questions can be answered by one of the professional team members within the firm. It’s comforting to know that these types of questions can be answered in a timely manner by somebody under the same

The last piece of the Market Street puzzle to be put in place was convenient access to legal services. While neither the partners of MSWM, nor the advisors or tax preparers are attorneys, MSWM has on-site, independently contracted counsel and has made arrangements with outside counsel to provide legal services for the betterment of MSWM clients.

When clients begin to understand the framework of our firm, it becomes readily apparent how MSWM helps clients to answer “yes” to the question:

Would you like a simpler financial life?

Are you ready to discuss your retirement plan?

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